Social Impact Marketplace

The Social Impact Marketplace connects responsible companies, changemakers, nonprofits, and leaders in a shared platform to create a more equitable, healthy, and prosperous world.


For nearly a decade, Global Action Platform has worked with major universities, corporations, investors, international agencies, and others to mobilize investment and leadership for scalable, sustainable solutions for abundant food, health, and prosperity.


The Social Impact Marketplace is a platform connecting socially responsible corporations and businesses with initiatives to improve food, health, and prosperity through Global Action Platform and our strategic partners.

Like Amazon Giving, and in alignment with the new definitions of corporate purpose adopted by the Business Roundtable in 2020, the Marketplace links commerce with positive social and environmental outcomes.

Over 1,300 major businesses currently participate in the Marketplace as a way to advance ESG and positive social and environmental impacts.

Individuals who become members gain access to exclusive services and discounts on food, healthcare, work, education, and other daily needs. Significantly, they also know that each purchase includes a contribution.

Member corporations and institutions use the Marketplace to help meet their annual corporate social responsibility, ESG and shared value goals, while building a stronger reputational relationship with their clients and customers.  Corporate membership also provides automatic membership to employees, enhancing their benefit programs.

There is no cost for membership. No member information is shared and so remains strictly confidential. The Marketplace functions on the volume of transactions and so seeks the widest possible audience.

The model connects daily commerce with initiatives to fuel positive social impact.


The SI Marketplace is a next step in expanding the work of Global Action Platform. Through this innovative collaboration, each daily expenditure in the Marketplace makes a meaningful contribution to address issues and projects such as the following, among others--

Support to food banks to provide nutritious food to those in need
Support for sustainable agriculture projects, research, and model development
Support to increase health literacy and healthy behavior through Healthier 757, among other initiatives
Support to address Social Determinants of Health (SDH) through the Wellbeing Care Community initiative and others
Support to stimulate prosperity and shared value through CONNECT, an innovative platform linking university research, investors, and businesses
Support to create economic development for indigenous people around the world
Support to create leadership for shared prosperity

Global Action Platform serves as the neutral convener and anchor organization for the creation of an innovation hub with global markets in Nashville, and in other communities and regions.

With ten R1-R3 research universities, growing capital markets and investment funds, and a strong entrepreneurial culture and history, Middle Tennessee is poised to become a global center for creativity and innovation.

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Global Action Platform has proven itself to be an effective convener for leading experts, investors, corporate executives, researchers, and NGO leaders, who intend to develop and implement urban solutions for nutrition, health, and shared prosperity.

In every community in every country, we bring a singular message, that lives are improved when engaged leaders work together to create solutions for abundant food, health and prosperity.

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