Social Impact Marketplace

The Social Impact Marketplace connects responsible companies, changemakers, nonprofits, and leaders in a shared platform to create a more equitable, healthy, and prosperous world.


For nearly a decade, Global Action Platform has worked with major universities, corporations, investors, international agencies, and others to mobilize investment and leadership for scalable, sustainable solutions for abundant food, health, and prosperity.


The Social Impact Marketplace is a platform connecting socially responsible corporations and businesses with initiatives to improve food, health, and prosperity through Global Action Platform and our strategic partners. The Marketplace connects responsible companies, changemakers, nonprofits, and civic leaders in programs to create a more equitable, healthy, and prosperous world.

Like Amazon Giving, and in alignment with the new definitions of corporate purpose adopted by the Business Roundtable in 2020, the Marketplace links commerce with positive social and environmental outcomes.

Over 1,300 major businesses currently participate in the Marketplace as a way to advance ESG and positive social and environmental impacts.

Individuals who become members gain access to exclusive services and discounts on food, healthcare, work, education, and other daily needs. Significantly, they also know that each purchase includes a contribution.

Member corporations and institutions use the Marketplace to help meet their annual corporate social responsibility, ESG and shared value goals, while building a stronger reputational relationship with their clients and customers.  Corporate membership also provides automatic membership to employees, enhancing their benefit programs.

There is no cost for membership. No member information is shared and so remains strictly confidential. The Marketplace functions on the volume of transactions and so seeks the widest possible audience.

The model connects daily commerce with initiatives to fuel positive social impact.


The SI Marketplace is a next step in expanding the work of Global Action Platform. Through this innovative collaboration, each daily expenditure in the Marketplace makes a meaningful contribution to address issues and projects such as the following, among others--

Support to food banks to provide nutritious food to those in need
Support for sustainable agriculture projects, research, and model development
Support to increase health literacy and healthy behavior through Healthier 757, among other initiatives
Support to address Social Determinants of Health (SDH) through the Wellbeing Care Community initiative and others
Support to stimulate prosperity and shared value through CONNECT, an innovative platform linking university research, investors, and businesses
Support to create economic development for indigenous people around the world
Support to create leadership for shared prosperity

Frequently Asked Questions  


How do I benefit individually if I become a member?  

Three primary benefits for individual members:

1. Significant, best available discounts on a widerange of needs from groceries, restaurants, medicines, work and schoolsupplies, travel, hotels, insurance, cars, clothing, and much more.

2. Saving time and effort because the Marketplaceputs all these services and businesses in one place, so you don’t have to searchmultiple sites and programs.

3. Each purchase includes a charitable donation ofup to 20% of your purchases.  


Is there a cost to me?  


Is my personal information shared?



Can I start using the Marketplace as soon as I register?  



How do the discounts and offers in the Marketplace compare with other online discount sties like Kayak, or Amazon Gives, or Priceline, etc.?  

The Marketplace provides best available discounts that are comparable and competitive with other online sites. Unlike most other sites, the Marketplace offers a comprehensive set of offerings, from groceries to cars, as noted above.  And the Marketplace automatically allocates up to 20% of your purchases to contributions to eliminate hunger, improve health, and advance equity and shared prosperity.  


What are some of the businesses and services in the Marketplace?


What do I receive when I register—an actual card?  

You receive an app to download on yourphone that can be scanned at businesses and a website link to use for onlinepurchases.


Do I have to register for each business in the Marketplace, or does one registration give access to everything?  

One registration gives access to every business and special offer.  



How do I learn about special offers—do I have to search the Marketplace myself?  

We will send you updates on new offers, although you can also search the Marketplace whenever you are thinking about a purchase, like a new phone, supplies for your office, groceries, prescriptions, telemedicine, school supplies, and soon.  The Marketplace has an easy search feature, personal account section, and your personal shopping cart.  


What if I run into a problem—do you have customer service support for the Marketplace?  

Yes, the Marketplace is supported by help desk and customer service agents who can assist if you have a problem.



Can my nonprofit use membership in the Marketplace as a benefit for my employees and/or clients and stakeholders?  

Yes, we can help your nonprofit provide a membership preloaded with $500.00 of discounts to all your employees and/or clients/stakeholders as part of their employee benefit program, or as away to say “thank you” at a special time of year.  The benefit/gift membership would be branded with your logo.  If you choose, we can automatically register all your employees and/or clients so that they do not have to register and can begin to use the $500.00 of discounts immediately for any purchase in the Marketplace.


Can my nonprofit become one of the special projects aligned with the mission of Global Action Platform and participate in contributions generated by the Marketplace?  

Yes, your nonprofit mission and work is aligned with food, health, and economic equity/growth, you can become a strategic partner and receive funding through the transactions generated from your employees and network of clients and partners.  Our data analytics provide real time tracking of all purchases in the Marketplace and payments are tagged and distributed automatically to the designated partner nonprofits.  You do not need to take action to receive your share of the funds.  As a partner nonprofit, you would have a link to a dashboard showing how much money is being generated at any time.  Deposits into your bank account occur automatically on a monthly basis.


Can my business provide a Marketplace membership of$500.00 in discounts to all my employees as part of their benefit package?  

Yes, just as with nonprofits, we can provide memberships for all your employees and customers, branded to your company, and preloaded with $500.00 of Marketplace discounts.  


Can my business receive annual reports on how much money has been raised for charity from our employees/customers purchases, so we can add this to our annual Corporate Social Responsibility report?  

Yes, our data analytics allow us to share information on how much your company generated in donations as a result of including your employees and customers in the Marketplace with a complimentary membership.


What are some of the other nonprofits that have used the discount platform that provides the Marketplace?  

The membership discount platform behind the Marketplace has been in operation for over 20 years, working with some of the country’s largest corporations, nonprofits, and professional associations.  Some of the other groups who have used the approach include United Way, Rotary, among others. For more information on the service company behind the Marketplace and a listing of some of the other leading member groups, go to About Global Action Platform(

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