The leading university-business alliance advancing scalable, sustainable solutions for abundant food, health, and prosperity.

Creating a World of Abundance For Every Person

We do this by engaging the world’s top experts and leaders in the ongoing events, investments, collaborations and communications of the Global Action Platform, while applying ideas from these activities into the design and development of rural and urban models, most notably at oneC1TY-Nashville and the Caraga, Philippines.

A Collaborative Platform

Global Action Platform has created a collaborative platform to mobilize the world’s foremost experts and executive leaders; target impact investments in innovation and businesses; leverage technology for collaboration and data analytics; and communicate findings globally. This activity is organized through the following core programs of Global Action Platform.


Global Action Projects

Global Action Platform engages the world’s top experts and leaders and then applies these ideas in Urban & Rural Living Laboratories, collaborative projects, and investments.


Global Action Participants

Global Action Summit & Report participants are global leaders devoted to solutions for food, health and prosperity.

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