1c Innovation

Dynamic events engaging campus business leaders, residents, partners, and guests at oneC1TY


1c Innovation is a series of dynamic, curated events, Summits, and programs that build the culture of the oneC1TY community.  Designed in collaboration with leaders of businesses on the campus, residents, strategic community and global partners, and guests, the program helps to build the creative life, collaboration, and innovation ecosystems that define oneC1TY as one of the world’s leading innovation districts.


1c Innovation will help create a model urban innovation hub culture, drawing on best practices from leading innovation districts around the world.  Enhanced university-business engagement for the region’s twenty-two colleges and universities and the regional business community will be a central feature of the model.  The model will also build on Michael Porter’s strategies for shared value, cluster development and global competition, as well as global goals, such as the Sustainable Development Goals.


To participate in the 1c Innovation series, or to propose a collaborative activity, please contact Micaela Reed at

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